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Raylase scanning system optimises additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing

Raylase has launched its latest scanning solution for the AM market, the AM Module III.

Raylase’s RD technology ensures a stable z-position of the focus even during fast movements and wide jumps of the xy-mirror. In addition, a new mount allows highly accurate alignment and guidance of the lenses even under dynamic movements and enables excellent imaging performance of the lens system.  

The zoom function allows a highly dynamic adjustment of the focus diameter by up to 2x. At the same time, the optics design ensures that even with an enlarged spot diameter, the build process can continue in focus with an undisturbed beam profile. 

The AM Module III permits the use of stronger lasers up to 3kW average power through dust-tight housing manufactured in an ISO Class 7 clean room. Suitable optical elements for beam shaping also ensure uniform energy distribution in the focus.

The new system also offers higher productivity through its multiple scan head design, layer-by-layer process monitoring, and additional tools to optimise production - such as the Scan Field Calibrator and the Process Data Optimiser.

Credit for main image: Pixel B/Shutterstock

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