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Trumpf’s TruPrint 2000 now suitable for mass production

Trumpf TruPrint 2000

Trumpf has further increased the productivity of its TruPrint 2000 3D printer by incorporating a square instead of a round build plate and increasing the power of the integrated fibre laser to 500W from 300W (basic configuration).

This means, for example, dental manufacturers can print up to 36% more removable partial dentures on the square build plate than on a comparable round build plate. 

Trumpf is presenting the 3D printer for the first time at Formnext in Frankfurt in November.

The multilaser version of the TruPrint 2000 has two lasers, which can both process the entire build plate simultaneously. Users print 80% more components with the multi-laser variant compared to the single-laser variant. 

Meeting the highest medical standards, the 3D printer is being used by medical technology manufacturers to produce skull plates, spine cages or knee joints made of titanium, for example. With the upgrade of the TruPrint 2000, patients receive high-quality implants with even more long-term stability. If required, the TruPrint 2000 also prints these implants in series.

Variable spot size increases flexibility 

With its motorised beam expander, the TruPrint 2000 automatically adjusts the spot diameter of the laser to the task at hand. Depending on the application, the spot diameter is 55 or 80 micrometres: 55 microns for when special metal powders require a higher energy density; or 80 microns for higher productivity.

Credit for main image: Trumpf

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