Bright production

Information technologies like cloud computing and Internet of Things are bringing about big changes in manufacturing. Gemma Church looks at where laser systems will fit into these smart factories


Making a mark

New regulations on unique device identifiers for medical equipment and implants are being phased in by the US Food and Drug Administration, codes that are best marked with a laser, as Rachel Berkowitz finds out


The new Amada ENSIS 3015 AJ fibre laser CNC profiling centre is certain to set a new benchmark in the cost-efficient processing of sheet materials.

Just 2 kW of laser output from the integrated ENSIS oscillator is now enough to manufacture mild steel products that in the past could only be manufactured using a 4 kW laser. Needless to say, the resulting savings in energy and running costs are little short of dramatic. In an era when energy is one of the biggest business overheads, the potential impact on the bottom line is considerable.


Matthew Dale discovers that laser welding is enabling battery manufacturers to address the growing demands of the electro-mobility industry


Greg Blackman investigates the art of laser system design and integration


Gemma Church finds jewellers are turning to lasers for repairing and engraving precious metals

Analysis and opinion