GE Additive

The adoption of metal additive technology in aerospace continues to gather momentum. (Image: Reuters)

AP&C to provide titanium powders for Airbus

The new multi-year agreement deepens AP&C’s working relationship with Airbus, which dates back several years.

The programme aims to inspire more than 3,500 local students aged 13-18 with first-hand experiences of engineering. (Image: Shutterstock/Gorodenkoff)

GE invests £2.5m in next generation of engineers

The programme aims to inspire more than 3,500 local students, providing first-hand experiences of engineering, and awarding financial support to pursue further education

Amada Weld Tech uses fibre lasers and femtosecond lasers in the manufacture of stents. (Image: Amada Weld Tech)

Creating medical marvels with laser technology

Keely Portway explores the use of lasers in medical device manufacturing, including how they have played their part since the start of the pandemic


MTC3 will explore the many benefits of additive manufacturing, whether the technology is being industrialised, and what can be done to speed up this industrialisation.








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