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The test unit features a 4kW laser from IPG Photonics, and is designed to drill blast holes and break rock during mining. (Image: Sidney Resources)

US firm trialling 4kW IPG laser for mining operations

The technology is intended to eliminate conventional methods of drilling and blasting, delivering savings in time, material and operating costs

Here a laser beam is being delivered via a flexible fibre to weld thin piping. (Image: Shutterstock/sspopov)

An introduction to laser welding

A brief introduction to laser welding, the technologies involved, and the advantages it offers over other joining methods

Handheld laser welding offers: low running costs; minimal set up requirements; ease of use; highly efficient, fast and flexible processing in spatially challenging environments; minimal consumables and post-processing requirements; and most importantly, high-quality welds of both similar and dissimilar materials of different types and thicknesses.

IPG Photonics introduces new handheld laser welder/cleaner model

The LightWELD XR system delivers laser welding and cleaning in one handheld system

Dr Valentin Gapontsev has been IPG’s chairman since the company’s founding and was its CEO until April 2021 (Image: IPG Photonics)

IPG Photonics founder Dr Valentin Gapontsev dies aged 82

Gapontsev, 82, founded IRE-Polyus, IPG’s predecessor, in 1990. He has been IPG’s chairman since the company’s founding and was its CEO until April 2021

(Image: Andrey Armyagov/Shutterstock)

Fibre lasers: 2010-2020 and beyond

Greg Blackman asks experts how fibre lasers developed between 2010 to 2020, as well as what advancements the future may hold for the technology








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