Precision Laser Scanning

Compact polygon scanner for portable laser cleaning

Polygon scanners can scan at hundreds of meters / second and have a high laser damage threshold which makes them ideal for high speed laser cleaning. 

The new Gecko-5-HP1 is the first compact polygon scanner designed for high power laser cleaning.  Its solid aluminum polygon has excellent heat dissipation and its dielectric coating is highly reflective at 1064 nm.  It is ideal for laser cleaning with hand held and robotic arm systems.  It will also find use in high speed assembly line laser cleaning. 

Precision Raster Scan Polygon Controller

The new Precision Raster Scan Polygon Controller from Precision Laser Scanning provides a simple, cost effective solution for laser cleaning or surface modification at hundreds of meters per second


Precision Laser Scanning has introduced an advanced, high speed, polygon scanner controller with many new features

HI Power IR Viewer

Precision Laser Scanning's new HI Power IR Viewer is a versatile visualisation tool for assembling, aligning, testing and monitoring high-power near infrared laser systems

All in the delivery

With new fibre delivery options now available, along with advances in scanning solutions, ultrafast lasers are becoming a much more practical tool for industrial machining, as Rachel Berkowitz discovers








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