precSYS 5-axis micro processing

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Modern ultra-short-pulse (USP) laser are enablers for the miniaturization of products or components in several sectors. This includes: Automotive, Aerospace, Textiles, Medical technology, Precision engineering etc.

In these markets typical applications for the lasers include: Drilling, Ablation, Structuring, Cutting.

Hole drilling in particular has become an important application in these industries. SCANLAB has introduced an innovative precession subsystem to the market that uses a novel 5-axis technology to incline the beam.

These five axes (x,y,z,α, β) maximize flexibility for process development beyond typical percussion drilling: e.g. spiral drilling, trepanning and precession drilling, which means the laser is tilted and moved helically.


Scanlab has introduced an intelligent monitoring and calibration system for laser processing applications requiring strict dimensional tolerances

LaserDesk 1.2

Scanlab has introduced the latest version of its LaserDesk program used to create laser marking and material processing jobs

excelliSCAN and precSYS

Scanlab, an OEM supplier of laser deflection and positioning systems, has introduced two new solutions – the excelliSCAN high-end scan system, and a 5-axis micro-processing subsystem dubbed precSYS.

RTC 4 Ethernet control boards

Scanlab has added an Ethernet-based product to its lineup of RTC control boards. The new board allows laser-marking-system producers in particular to profit from lower manufacturing costs for individual workstations, while also providing users with straightforward industrial connectivity.
Scanlab’s industry-suited RTC 4 Ethernet extends the functionality of RTC 4 PCI control boards through real-world advantages. Unlike the USB-based RTC 4 ScanAlone board, driver installation isn't needed anymore and direct network connectivity eliminates cable-length restrictions.

German Specialist Blackbird Robotersysteme Establishes Shanghai Site

SCANLAB AG's subsidiary Blackbird Robotersysteme GmbH, the world leader for innovative remote laser welding solutions, announces the establishment of a sales and service center in Shanghai, China. The company's growth strategy and closer proximity to existing customers and installations were key motivators in creating a Chinese subsidiary. On March 1, 2015, Derek Wang will begin organizing the site as Vice President Sales and Technical Support Asia, Blackbird Robotics Asia.

basiCube 10

A new product from SCANLAB AG is stirring up the laser-marking field. As a "little brother" to the time-proven SCANcube, SCANLAB's new basiCube 10 scan head is specifically optimized for classic laser-marking requirements. Developed and manufactured in Germany, basiCube sports the newest technology and an exceptional price/performance ratio. These advantages and high dynamic performance add up to superior cost-effectiveness for equipment integrators and top laser-marking productivity for users.








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