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Foba Laser Marking Webinar

Anyone who wants to integrate laser markers into limited production environments requires an innovative and flexible system solution. FOBA´s Titus™ is an incredibly small and easy to integrate fiber laser marker and makes a great match with our laser marking software FOBA Go.

In this educational webinar, Philipp Febel, Director Product Management at FOBA, will illustrate how easy to use, fast to setup and flexible to integrate Titus™ and FOBA Go are. Titus™ is robust and durable and therefore perfect for integration in harsh environments. FOBA Go is an innovative web-based touch UI for the easy and quick creation and output of marking jobs. Everything you need to mark your product is ready to “Go”.

You will learn:

  • Why is Titus perfectly suited for integration into production processes?
  • How to integrate and set up Titus?
  • How to set up and use FOBA Go?
  • What applications are possible with Titus?
  • What are common problems in the integration of laser marking systems and how to avoid them?

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