Masterclass: Advances in Fibre Laser Technologies

13 April 2018
Berlin, Germany

Hosted at the 2018 IDTechEx Show, this masterclass explores the existing and emerging applications of fibre laser technologies, and has a particular focus on materials processing. Fibre lasers are a type of laser based on an optical fibre and are a disruptive technology for multiple industries, with applications ranging from automotive manufacturing to structural health monitoring. IDTechEx has designed this session for two types of participants. End-users and potential end-users will gain a deep understanding of the benefits, opportunities and challenges in adopting new laser technologies. Laser source suppliers and laser-integrated machine/instrument manufacturers who want to expand their business will learn about recent advances in laser technologies that create new opportunities within several target industries.

Technology Appraisal

  • Basic operating principles of lasers: how are lasers different to other light sources?
  • Technical overview of fibre lasers: device structure and operation Fibre lasers as a disruptive technology for materials processing, manufacturing and sensing
  • Industry case studies: automotive, aerospace, electronics, 3D printing, medical and defense
  • Laser safety: risks and challenges

Market Appraisal

  • Current market size and segmentation
  • Business landscape analysis
  • Current and future market opportunities
  • 10-year market forecast (2018-2028) for fibre lasers based on new IDTechEx research
Analysis and opinion

After the international laser technology congress AKL, in Aachen in May, Matthew Dale learned that dramatic increases in power are on the horizon for ultrafast lasers


Greg Blackman finds that new EU PPE regulations mean that laser safety eyewear must have an operational lifespan, a change that will impact manufacturers and users alike


Keely Portway looks at how digitally networked laser machines, along with additive systems, will help improve production efficiency in the factories of the future