Masterclass: Advances in Fibre Laser Technologies

13 April 2018
Berlin, Germany

Hosted at the 2018 IDTechEx Show, this masterclass explores the existing and emerging applications of fibre laser technologies, and has a particular focus on materials processing. Fibre lasers are a type of laser based on an optical fibre and are a disruptive technology for multiple industries, with applications ranging from automotive manufacturing to structural health monitoring. IDTechEx has designed this session for two types of participants. End-users and potential end-users will gain a deep understanding of the benefits, opportunities and challenges in adopting new laser technologies. Laser source suppliers and laser-integrated machine/instrument manufacturers who want to expand their business will learn about recent advances in laser technologies that create new opportunities within several target industries.

Technology Appraisal

  • Basic operating principles of lasers: how are lasers different to other light sources?
  • Technical overview of fibre lasers: device structure and operation Fibre lasers as a disruptive technology for materials processing, manufacturing and sensing
  • Industry case studies: automotive, aerospace, electronics, 3D printing, medical and defense
  • Laser safety: risks and challenges

Market Appraisal

  • Current market size and segmentation
  • Business landscape analysis
  • Current and future market opportunities
  • 10-year market forecast (2018-2028) for fibre lasers based on new IDTechEx research

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