Lasermet will present its Laser Castle, the latest generation of the modular, rapid-build laser safety cabin. Laser Castle includes the active laser guarding system Laser Jailer for multi-kilowatt lasers typically between 4kW and 20kW.

Certified as laser safe, the cabin is used by laser welding robots for cutting and welding, usually as part of a process. Cabin options include interlocked automatic doors such as guillotine doors, turntable doors or double doors.

The integrated touchscreen laser interlock controller prevents access inside the cabin when the laser is enabled, and operates the optional active laser filter window system, Glaser Jailer. Further options include HDCCTV and Lasermet’s Swallow fume extraction system.

Visitors will be able to see how Lasermet can integrate Class 4 lasers to produce a Class 1 laser safety cabin that ensures safety and compliance with the laser safety standard EN 60825-1:2014.


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