Stent manufacturing is one of the biggest applications of laser technology in medical device manufacturing.

(Image: Shutterstock/Christoph Burgstedt)

22 November 2022

Sharon Ann Holgate identifies the key advantages and developing applications of femtosecond lasers in the medical industry

Micromarking on a gold dubloon for anti-counterfeiting purposes, made using from QiOVA’s structured light beam (Credit: QiOVA)

01 November 2022

Anita Chandran explores the latest challenges facing manufacturers and users of laser marking systems

An experimental setup for laser peen forming. Water is used to confine the miniature explosions generated at the material surface, increasing the overall process efficiency (Credit: Helmholtz Zentrum hereon GmbH)

26 October 2022

Researchers are investigating the potential of laser peening for the manipulation of titanium alloy sheets in the aerospace sector

Lasers offer a non-contact, fast, flexible and cost-effective tool for cutting sheets across a range of industries. (Shutterstock/Parilov)

04 October 2022

Matthew Dale speaks with specialist laser integrator Cyan Tec, on some of the latest developments taking place in the field of sheet metal cutting

Integrators such as GFH Micromachining, 3D Micromac, and LLT Applikation develop complete laser micromachining systems featuring all the laser, motion control, software, and safety components required to realise high-quality applications (Image: GFH Micromachining)

29 September 2022

Susan Fourtane on the market trends integrators are having to respond to when developing new systems

Laser technologies will have to continue to evolve to keep up with the need of the electronics industry. (Image: Shutterstock/raigvi)

20 September 2022

Electronics manufacturing presents both significant opportunities and formidable challenges for developers of laser materials processing technologies, writes James Bakewell

The coherent beam combining technology of Civan's Dynamic Beam Laser can be used to produce a wide range of beam profiles.

06 June 2022

Matthew Dale learns how Bosch Research plans to use one of the most recent developments in laser technology

More than 900 exhibitors were in attendance this year.

30 April 2022

Laser World of Photonics made its much anticipated comeback in Munich last month from 26 to 29 April, three years since the last in-person version of the event took place.

Hot-fire testing of a GRCop-42 L-PBF chamber and NASA HR-1 LP-DED nozzle with integral channels at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center. (Image: NASA)

03 February 2022

Matthew Dale learns how additive manufacturing is optimising the production of rocket components

Hydrogen fuel cells could provide a suitable alternative to plug-in electric HGVs, where the weight of the battery could prove to be an issue. (Image: Shutterstock/Audeo und werbung)

14 December 2021

New laser technology could help make hydrogen-powered vehicles commercially viable, David Stuart finds

Laser depaneling systems such as this achieve higher output by higher effective cutting speed and cutting quality. (Image: LPKF)

13 December 2021

Productronica exhibitors shared some of the latest trends in electronics manufacturing with Abigail Williams

Ship under construction in a shipyard. (Image: Shutterstock.com)

24 September 2021

Keely Portway looks at how new laser technologies are optimising welding and cutting for shipbuilding