25 September 2020

Greg Blackman speaks to two researchers who presented at the LANE conference on different aspects of laser welding

The LS4 integrates two laser sources, a 50W green nanosecond and a dual wavelength (near-infrared and green) 10W femtosecond source. (Image: Lasea)

25 September 2020

Keely Portway discovers how laser systems are used in smart manufacturing

24 April 2020

Nikolaus Fecht on how AI is helping move laser systems closer to achieving complete error-free production

16 March 2020

Keely Portway looks at regular maintenance practices that can help laser users ensure maximum uptime of their system

Trumpf enables copper additive manufacturing by combining its TruDisk 1020 with its TruPrint systems.

13 March 2020

Optically-driven additive manufacturing is entering uncharted territory with challenging reflective, thermally conductive metals such as copper, finds Andy Extance

Scanlab’s XL Scan synchronously controls a 2D scan head and a positioning stage. It can also process 3D workpieces with integrated Z-axis control.

12 March 2020

Greg Blackman on the latest scanning solutions and software for micromachining

27 January 2020

Carlos Lee, director general of EPIC, talks with Eric Mottay, president and CEO of Amplitude Laser Group

Coating a brake disc via EHLA (Credit: Fraunhofer ILT/Volker Lannert)

11 December 2019

Keely Portway looks at some of the latest ways laser surface treatment is being used to optimise automotive production

A complex dimple texture applied to the curved flute surface of a drill. (Credit: Lightmotif)

11 December 2019

Matthew Dale learns about the latest demands being made of laser micromachining technology

A schematic of Coherent's adjustable ring mode fibre and the five basic power patterns possible within the focused laser spot. (Image: Coherent)

25 November 2019

Greg Blackman discovers how emerging lasers with adjustable beam quality are improving quality and flexibility in cutting and welding 

LG’s upcoming Signature rollable OLED display will be able to store itself away in its base when not in use thanks to flexible display technology. (Image: LG)

06 September 2019

Gemma Church finds that lasers are playing a crucial role in increasing the functionality of modern displays