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LG’s upcoming Signature rollable OLED display will be able to store itself away in its base when not in use thanks to flexible display technology. (Image: LG)

Using lasers to increase display functionality

Gemma Church finds that lasers are playing a crucial role in increasing the functionality of modern displays

This Lasea system uses two processing heads to direct two halves of a more powerful, single ultrafast pulse to the workpiece in order to increase processing throughput.

Wielding the increasing average power of ultrafast lasers

Matthew Dale explores the advantages of increasing the average power of ultrafast lasers, and discovers how this higher power can be delivered to the workpiece

Professor Steen being presented with an Honorary Fellowship to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers by the institute’s president Carolyn Griffiths.

Focus: The William M. Steen Awards

The LIA has introduced a set of annual awards dedicated to Professor William Maxwell Steen, a veteran and pioneer of laser technology

Setting up shop

John Powell, technical director of Laser Expertise, on some of the key aspects to consider when buying a new cutting machine for a job shop

The vanguard for information on laser technology

We speak to the LIA's executive director, Dr Nathanial Quick, about topics ranging from his early experiences with the organisation to the challenges still hindering the adoption of laser materials processing in industry

A changing landscape

Christopher Ryder, of MKS Instruments’ ESI products group, describes how CO2 lasers can be used to address new material challenges being faced in the manufacture of 5G technologies

Embodying the Fraunhofer spirit

Professor Dr Reinhart Poprawe, director of Fraunhofer ILT, has announced that he will retire this autumn. Here we take a closer look at his extensive career, and the impact he has had on the world of laser technology

Thinking lasers

Dr Ben Mills, an EPSRC early career fellow and senior research fellow for the ORC in Southampton, UK, explains how deep learning could be used to enhance laser processing

Going with the grain

Greg Blackman speaks to Marco Reichle, at Reichle Technologiezentrum, on laser texturing injection moulds for vehicle makers – now a huge part of the firm’s business

Plastic fantastic

Gemma Church investigates the explosion of cross-industry plastic welding techniques

Success in sintering

Stephen Dyson, special operations manager at Protolabs, on how direct metal laser sintering is evolving to become an important additive manufacturing tool

Best of the battery welding tools

Dr Joachim Döhner, vice president of Kuka’s battery business unit and chairman of the board for VDMA Battery Production, argues that laser welding is the most effective way of making electrical contacts in batteries

Powering to stable welds

Moving to very high power lasers for welding metals, like aluminium in car production, has some big benefits, as Greg Blackman finds out

Special delivery

Matthew Dale explores some of the latest technology for manipulating and measuring the beam, including a multi-spot optical module for laser brazing and a contactless beam analysis device

Driving Moore’s law with CO2 lasers

Matthew Dale reports from the European Photonic Industry Consortium’s Executive Meeting on Industrial Lasers, where it was explained how CO­2 lasers could be used to produce the next generation of computer processor

The smart money

Keely Portway looks at how digitally networked laser machines, along with additive systems, will help improve production efficiency in the factories of the future

Powering up the Pulse

After the international laser technology congress AKL, in Aachen in May, Matthew Dale learned that dramatic increases in power are on the horizon for ultrafast lasers

Adding up in Aachen

Matthew Dale reports from the International Laser Technology Congress, AKL, where the potential for using additive manufacturing in series production was discussed

Blue revolution

High-power blue diode lasers are becoming available that have significant advantages over traditional infrared lasers for machining metals. Greg Blackman investigates

Reaping rewards with robotics

Matthew Dale looks at what can be achieved by combining robots with lasers, including a novel tool for repairing jet engines being developed by Rolls-Royce

Medical miracles

Gemma Church finds that additive manufacturing is being used to transform lives through advanced implants and guides for surgeons

Driving deposition

New high-speed laser cladding technologies are being developed that rival more traditional techniques, as Matthew Dale discovers

Ship Shape

Welding ship hulls is a relatively new application area for laser processing, but one where the laser can add value, as Rachel Berkowitz discovers

Future of fibre

Greg Blackman explores advances being made in fibre lasers, now the dominant technology for material processing

A life working with lasers

Following the passing of Professor Bryan Tozer, a pioneer in laser safety and the founder of Lasermet, his son Paul Tozer looks back over his father's 50 years of working with lasers

Shaped by lasers

After 29 years as executive director of the Laser Institute of America, Peter Baker has retired from the role. He looks back at a career filled with laser technology

Custom cooling

Matthew Dale discovers that laser cooling is an undefined art, as thermal management firms turn to adaptable modular systems to meet individual customer demands

Fabulous fabrics

Rachel Berkowitz explores the wealth of ways that textiles can be cut, engraved, perforated, and patterned with a laser

Making a clean break

Greg Blackman looks at the state of adoption of ultrashort pulse lasers in consumer electronics production

Uniting the laser processing value chain

The European Appolo project, which aims to establish connections within the industrial laser processing ecosystem, is drawing to a close. Gediminas Raciukaitis, head of the department for laser technologies at the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology in Lithuania, updates on the outcomes

Diamond in the rough

Gemma Church finds jewellers are turning to lasers for repairing and engraving precious metals

Bonding for batteries

Matthew Dale discovers that laser welding is enabling battery manufacturers to address the growing demands of the electro-mobility industry