EuroBLECH 2020 adds ninth hall for first time

18 February 2020

Compared to 2018’s event, which covered a total of 89,800m2, more than 95,000m2 of space has already been booked at this year’s event – an almost 6 per cent increase in stand space

Laser-drilled filter separates microplastics in water

28 January 2020

The filter, which can sieve particles as small as 10 micrometres, is made using ultrafast lasers

TWI's section manager for laser additive manufacturing, Carl Hauser, meeting with Hornet Laser Cladding at the firm's site in Alblasserdam, Netherlands. (Image: TWI)

TWI acquires UK's first EHLA system

27 January 2020

EHLA is capable of speeds 10 times faster than traditional laser metal deposition in terms of surface coverage rate

Trumpf acquires minority stake in developer of optical fibre for USP laser processing

24 January 2020

Laser manufacturer Trumpf has acquired a minority stake in French startup GLOphotonics, a developer of special optical fibres for UF laser processing

A new laser peening system will be installed on-board a Littoral Combat Ship, a lightweight vessel designed for ocean-going and near-shore operations. (MCC Keith DeVinney/U.S. Navy)

Laser peening to treat aluminium plates on naval combat ships

23 January 2020

The system will be based on LSP’s Laser Procudo Peening system, which will be installed with a custom-designed beam deck delivery system on-board a Littoral Combat Ship

The ablation of nm-thin layers on a moving film with USP laser scribing in the fs regime. (Image: Fraunhofer ILT)

Lasers set to augment production of organic photovoltaic cells

14 January 2020

A new project is set to boost the mass production of organic photovoltaic cells using a number of different laser technologies

Artificial intelligence and quantum technology to feature at AKL'20

09 December 2019

Forums dedicated to 'Process Control & AI' and 'Quantum technology' will feature in the programme of the 13th AKL 'International Laser Technology Congress'

A commercial thin-​disk head. The disk is surrounded by monolithic prisms that route the pump beam between reflections. Credit: TRUMPF GmbH + Co. KG

New benchmark set for ultrafast thin-disk laser oscillator technology

09 December 2019

Researchers have demonstrated a sub-​picosecond thin-​disk laser oscillator delivering 350​W average output power

Laser shock peening used to 'heal' cracks during additive manufacturing

07 December 2019

Researchers have developed a technique that dramatically reduces cracking in metal components during selective laser melting

Lantek signs collaborative agreement with HSG Laser Group

06 December 2019

Lantek has signed a collaboration agreement with HSG Laser Group that will see its software integrated into HSG’s fibre laser sheet metal cutting machines

Tesla files patent for automated laser cleaning system for glass on vehicles and solar panels

27 November 2019

Tesla has filed a patent for an automated system capable of detecting and cleaning debris from glass on vehicles and solar panels using pulsed laser beams

Three new compounds developed for use in laser plastic welding

26 November 2019

Chemical firm Lanxess has developed three new compounds suited for use in laser plastic welding