The ablation of nm-thin layers on a moving film with USP laser scribing in the fs regime. (Image: Fraunhofer ILT)

Lasers set to augment production of organic photovoltaic cells

14 January 2020

A new project is set to boost the mass production of organic photovoltaic cells using a number of different laser technologies

Artificial intelligence and quantum technology to feature at AKL'20

09 December 2019

Forums dedicated to 'Process Control & AI' and 'Quantum technology' will feature in the programme of the 13th AKL 'International Laser Technology Congress'

A commercial thin-​disk head. The disk is surrounded by monolithic prisms that route the pump beam between reflections. Credit: TRUMPF GmbH + Co. KG

New benchmark set for ultrafast thin-disk laser oscillator technology

09 December 2019

Researchers have demonstrated a sub-​picosecond thin-​disk laser oscillator delivering 350​W average output power

Laser shock peening used to 'heal' cracks during additive manufacturing

07 December 2019

Researchers have developed a technique that dramatically reduces cracking in metal components during selective laser melting

Lantek signs collaborative agreement with HSG Laser Group

06 December 2019

Lantek has signed a collaboration agreement with HSG Laser Group that will see its software integrated into HSG’s fibre laser sheet metal cutting machines

Tesla files patent for automated laser cleaning system for glass on vehicles and solar panels

27 November 2019

Tesla has filed a patent for an automated system capable of detecting and cleaning debris from glass on vehicles and solar panels using pulsed laser beams

Three new compounds developed for use in laser plastic welding

26 November 2019

Chemical firm Lanxess has developed three new compounds suited for use in laser plastic welding

Photonics Systems Group acquires EPP to strengthen growth in electronics

21 November 2019

Photonics Systems Group has acquired EPP, a high-tech systems supplier in the electronics industry

Nitrogen gas generators now supplied by Bystronic for fibre laser cutting machines

20 November 2019

Bystronic now supplies generators of nitrogen gas from South African firm NitraLife, which can be used to reduce the downtime of laser cutting systems

LZH improves processing head for more efficient engine production

14 November 2019

The research institute Laser Zentrum Hannover has updated its internal processing laser head (IBK) technology to include integrated sensors for process monitoring

New control solution to simplify development of laser machines

12 November 2019

A new integrated control solution jointly produced by Siemens and Scanlab is set to decrease the engineering effort required when developing laser-based manufacturing systems

Horizon 2020 projects to create 3,500 high-tech jobs over next three years

07 November 2019

A new survey has found that 100 Horizon 2020 photonics projects, established between 2014 and 2018, will directly create 3,500 high-tech jobs in Europe over the next three years