12 May 2017

The increasing traction of fibre lasers replacing conventional lasers in materials processing has led to IPG and Coherent’s latest quarterly revenues being higher than expected, both firms have reported

26 April 2017

Volkswagen, Laser Zentrum Hannover, and five other partners have developed laser processes for automatic trimming, drilling and repair of 3D carbon fibre reinforced plastic components

19 April 2017

Researchers at the Institute of Applied Beam Technology in Bremen have developed a process monitoring system for laser additive manufacturing

18 April 2017

A new technology for writing electronic circuits directly onto polymers by modifying surface properties with a laser has been developed as part of the European Appolo project

18 April 2017

The Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (Nuclear AMRC) in Rotherham, UK has ordered a custom laser welding system to support manufacturing process development

18 April 2017

Polygon scanner supplier Next Scan Technology has been honoured with the EPIC Phoenix award, which recognises entrepreneurship in photonics

17 April 2017

Researchers at the UK Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) have made significant improvements in the performance of laser drilling aerospace alloys, it was shown at the Industrial Laser Applications Symposium in Grantham, UK

06 April 2017

Laser specialist and machine tool manufacturer Trumpf has announced an expansion in its management board, with Heinz-Jürgen Prokop and Christian Schmitz joining effective on 1 July

05 April 2017

Lloyd’s Register and TWI have updated their joint framework for 2017 for metal additive manufacturing

04 April 2017

Surgical implant manufacturer Karl Leibinger Medizintechnik has added to its capacity to build complex titanium implants with metal 3D printing

04 April 2017

In the run up to Laser World of Photonics, Messe München has released a video showing the laser processes used at aeronautics company MTU Aero Engines

31 March 2017

The University of Manchester's Dr Olivier Allegre discussed the benefits of laser induced periodic surface structures at the Industrial Laser Applications Symposium, held in Grantham, UK from 22 to 23 March



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