Laser-etched hole to enable exceptional camera performance in new Samsung smartphone

22 August 2019

Samsung Display has developed of an extremely small, laser-etched hole that will be located near the top front of the flexible OLED displays of the Galaxy Note10 and Note10+

Brose and IPG to develop in-line weld measurement technology for manufacturing automotive seat rails

20 August 2019

Automotive supplier Brose will collaborate with IPG Photonics to develop the first direct weld measurement technology for the manufacturie of automotive seat rails

Ultrafast lasers could dramatically reduce impact of nuclear waste

13 August 2019

Ekspla and Light Conversion have developed an ultrafast laser system that they say could potentially be used to accelerate the radioactive decay of nuclear waste from tens of thousands of years to months, hours or even seconds

Robot-assisted laser technology to manufacture large-scale aerospace parts

12 August 2019

A 15-month project has been launched that will combine laser processing technology with robotics to enable the manufacture of large-scale, high-end aerospace parts

China competition impacts revenues of Coherent, IPG

12 August 2019

Coherent's revenues drop 30 per cent year-on-year, while IPG’s decrease by 12 per cent

XRD can be used to detect residual stresses in materials. (Image: LPT Technologies)

Laser processing firm augments peening capabilities using x-ray diffraction

18 July 2019

The firm will use XRD to perform in-house measurements of compressive residual stress in metals, enabling it to develop laser peening prescriptions for customer needs more quickly and accurately

Building a rectangular block of 316L stainless steel with LPBF and then annealing it with a diode laser. (Image: LLNL)

Diode laser used to reduce residual stress in metals during additive manufacturing

18 July 2019

The new technique resulted in the reduction of effective residual stress in metal 3D-printed test parts by 90 per cent

GFT acquires Axoom expertise and strengthens partnership with Trumpf

16 July 2019

GFT Technologies has acquired the portfolio and workforce of Trumpf subsidiary Axoom, a software company based in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Ultrafast lasers to be used in Sydney Harbour Bridge renovation

10 July 2019

New large-scale cleaning techniques involving powerful ultrafast lasers are being developed within a collaborative project that seeks to renovate the 90-year-old Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia

The manufacturing line will be used to accelerate the conversion of maritime transport towards using electric propulsion. (Image: Leclanché)

Swiss firm commissions battery manufacturing line for e-mobility

21 June 2019

Leclanché, a Swiss provider of energy storage solutions, has commissioned Italian industrial automation firm Comau to build an automated manufacturing line for lithium-ion battery modules intended for electric vehicles

Trumpf invests in IoT startup

19 June 2019

Laser manufacturer Trumpf has acquired a 25.1 per cent share of Dresden-based IT startup Zigpos in order to boost its networked production offerings

Additive firm signs technology licensing agreement with Canadian National Research Council

18 June 2019

The NRC will provide Burloak with exclusive access to patented technology developed for directed energy deposition