Copper-silver alloy TPMS structures for future studies investigating EV thermal management and impact protection crashworthiness. (Image: Robinson et al.)

3D printable copper-silver alloys developed for heat transfer applications

23 September 2021

The alloys could help meet increasing industry demand for high-efficiency, 3D printable heat transfer materials and devices

Left: Raw chicken being printed in a square pattern from a food printer. Right: A blue laser beam directed to a raw chicken sample by a set of mirror galvanometers. (Image: Blutinger et al.)

Lasers used to cook 3D-printed food

22 September 2021

The work could lead to the development of personalised digital chefs that produce foods with tailored shape, texture, and flavour

The parts will first be introduced at Par Pacific's Hawaii refinery. (Image: Par Pacific)

Partnership to produce AM parts for oil refineries

20 September 2021

The partnership is further proof that AM is increasingly being integrated into demanding application environments

A flexible, wearable pressure sensor made from laser-induced graphene. (Image: Penn State University/Huanyu Cheng)

Wearable sensors created using laser-induced graphene

17 September 2021

The sensors could be used for health monitoring or enhancing the performance of prosthetic limbs

The patent covers a system capable of detecting and cleaning debris from vehicle glass using pulsed laser beams. (Image: Tesla)

Tesla secures patent for laser windshield cleaning technology

14 September 2021

The patent covers a system capable of detecting and cleaning debris from glass using pulsed laser beams

Sealing station inside GEA's PowerPak Plus thermoforming packaging machine, with an integrated laser marking system. (Image: GEA)

Packaging technology firm adopts laser marking technology

13 September 2021

The machine will be used to apply complex product labels in a high-resolution and reliable manner

Femtosecond laser structuring is being used to functionalise different materials for electrocatalysts like nickel foams and support plates. (Image: Fraunhofer HHI)

Laser structuring to help increase efficiency of hydrogen production

02 September 2021

The 'InnoEly' project aims to make hydrogen a widely usable energy carrier of the future

The dual-sided solar cells achieve a front conversion efficiency of 24.3 per cent and a rear conversion efficiency of 23.4 per cent. (Image: Eric Byler/The Australian National University)

'Record-breaking' bifacial solar cells produced using laser doping

01 September 2021

The solar cells are dual-sided, meaning both their front and back generate power

(a) Aero-engine components in need of repair. (b) powder developed indigenously at ARCI. (Image: ARCI)

Indian scientists repair aero-engine components using new cladding processes

30 August 2021

Components repaired using the new processes were found to be free from distortion and exhibited excellent performance

The SensiCut smart sensing platform distinguishes between visually similar materials for safe use. (Image: MIT CSAIL)

Deep learning material sensing platform augments laser cutting

20 August 2021

The platform could protect users from hazardous waste, provide material-specific knowledge and suggest subtle cutting adjustments

The 3D printed channel fasteners were produced for a boiling water reactor fuel assembly. (Image: Framtome)

3D-printed components installed in nuclear reactor

18 August 2021

Four fuel assembly brackets have been installed and are now under routine operation at a facility in Alabama

Bosch supplies automated assembly lines for welding and gluing battery cells. (Image: Bosch)

Bosch to supply equipment for battery production

16 August 2021

The firm aims to generate annual sales of €250 million by 2025 with equipment for battery production