The manufacturing line will be used to accelerate the conversion of maritime transport towards using electric propulsion. (Image: Leclanché)

Swiss firm commissions battery manufacturing line for e-mobility

21 June 2019

Leclanché, a Swiss provider of energy storage solutions, has commissioned Italian industrial automation firm Comau to build an automated manufacturing line for lithium-ion battery modules intended for electric vehicles

Trumpf invests in IoT startup

19 June 2019

Laser manufacturer Trumpf has acquired a 25.1 per cent share of Dresden-based IT startup Zigpos in order to boost its networked production offerings

Additive firm signs technology licensing agreement with Canadian National Research Council

18 June 2019

The NRC will provide Burloak with exclusive access to patented technology developed for directed energy deposition

Rolls-Royce selects quad-laser machine for next stage of AM industrialisation

17 June 2019

Rolls-Royce has chosen to work with metal additive manufacturing (AM) machines featuring four lasers operating simultaneously to enhance its AM capability

LIA anticipates more than 100 end-users and suppliers and more than 1,000 conference participants at ICALEO 2019

LIA rolls out new ICALEO format for 2019

10 June 2019

ICALEO 2019 will feature four industry-specific conferences that will become the core focus of each day: aerospace, medical devices and life sciences, microelectronics, and automotive

Multi-functional laser head to optimise sheet metal processing

06 June 2019

A robot-controlled laser processing head capable of performing cutting, welding and additive manufacturing is under development that will bring significant productivity and quality gains to sheet metal processing

New laser welding process creates watertight seals

03 June 2019

A group of engineers has developed a new laser welding process that can be used to create water-tight seals, even in difficult to weld materials such as die-cast aluminium

Collaborative project seeks to increase uptake of large-scale AM

03 June 2019

An ongoing collaborative project is looking to drive the adoption of large-scale metal additive manufacturing

Laser to melt moon dust for use in lunar-based additive manufacturing

30 May 2019

A group of scientists are looking to send a lightweight laser system to the moon in order to melt moon dust and use it to create versatile structures via additive manufacturing

New femtosecond laser to boost automotive production

29 May 2019

A new femtosecond laser capable of cutting and shaping ultra-high-strength boron steel a thousand times faster than existing technology is being developed for the automotive industry

Italian shipbuilding company places order for laser-hybrid welding production line

22 May 2019

Fincantieri has purchased a thin plate flat-panel production line that uses laser-hybrid welding

Shark-inspired surfaces increase fuel efficiency of aircraft

22 May 2019

The particular qualities of shark skin have inspired a German company using lasers to increase fuel efficiency in aircraft