Matt Flamini and Dr Vincent Beachley are using laser heating to strengthen fibres. (Image: Rowan University)

Scientists creating stronger 'super fibres' using lasers

10 June 2021

The 'superfibres' could be used to create better bike helmets, longer-lasting batteries and improved medical devices

A compact heat exchanger printed from stainless steel AISI 316L. (Image: Senai)

Collaboration optimising oil & gas supply chain using AM

09 June 2021

Zeiss and two other partners will be developing AM methodologies for the manufacturing and qualification of critical components for the industry

Laser peening can extend the life of jet engine blades and other aircraft structures. (Image: Reuters)

Portable laser peening system developed for aircraft maintenance

07 June 2021

LSP Technologies and Airbus have together developed a portable laser peening system that is currently undergoing testing and evaluation

Top: Atomic force microscopy images of a suspended graphene drum skin before and after optical forging. Bottom: How a material can become stiffer when corrugated. (Image: University of Jyväskylä)

Graphene stiffened using ultrafast lasers

07 June 2021

The technique, known as optical forging, could open up a range of novel applications for the material

Ultrashort laser pulses can be used to store information in little voxels in quartz silica glass. (Image: Microsoft)

Ultrafast lasers trialled to store surgical information in glass

04 June 2021

The technology has the potential to preserve data inside glass for millions of years without decaying

3D-printed sample component: The laser transmission of 3D printed plastic components depends on layer thickness and orientation. (Image: LZH)

Researchers to optimise laser welding for 3D-printed plastics

02 June 2021

The system will enable 3D-printed plastic components to be optimally welded together

The blackened sample fabricated by the circularly polarized laser and its morphology. (Image: XIOPM)

Ultrafast lasers create metal surfaces with minimal reflectivity

02 June 2021

The technique could have applications in fields such as aerospace, solar power, infrared imaging and the creation of artificial black bodies

Laser pulses can be used to heat metals and obtain an ultra-thin film of metal oxides that exhibit light interference effects to generate different colours. (Image: ITMO University)

Handheld 'laser paintbrush' to enable drawing on metallic surfaces

18 May 2021

The tool's colour palette of over 20 colours and shades can be expanded due to the variability and accuracy of laser parameters

(Image: Hyundai)

Hyundai issues Elantra recall over improperly welded seat frames

18 May 2021

In the event of a crash, the seat frames in question would not secure occupants, increasing the risk of injury

Oxygen is a key component used in laser cutting. (Image: Bystronic)

Oxygen shortage hits laser cutting units in Aurangabad, India

18 May 2021

Oxygen is a key component for laser cutting, however its production has been diverted towards medical use

Global chip shortage 'chain reaction' disrupts supply of chip-making systems

17 May 2021

Laser drilling machines are one of four types of production system currently in short supply

Laser systems market down 2 per cent to $17.4bn in 2020

17 May 2021

The decrease is remarkably moderate given the macro-economic environment in 2020