Iron filings stick to this mini chessboard with a partially magnetic structure, produced from a single type of steel power at different temperatures. Image: Empa

Researchers 3D print partially magnetic structure using one type of powder

24 June 2020

The technique could aid in the design of more efficient electric motors, and structural components that react locally to different temperatures

Ampacet introduces two new masterbatches for laser marking

23 June 2020

The masterbatches are cost-effective and enable high-definition, high-contrast laser marking on clear and dark surfaces using NdYAG laser systems

SLM used to create self-expanding stents for treating blocked arteries

22 June 2020

3D-printed stents are expected to improve sizing options, preserve essential anatomy, and enable diameters and shapes to suit individual patient requirements

LASYS 'Lasers In Action' forum to take place virtually

01 June 2020

Together with the organisers of LASYS, Laser Systems Europe will be hosting a series of webcasts in June, each of which will discuss emerging applications and technologies across various aspects of laser materials processing

The 3D printer developed at TU Graz melts metal powder using high-performance LED light sources. (Image: TU Graz)

New LED-based powder melting to optimise metal 3D printing

28 May 2020

'SLEDM' is similar to SLM and EBM, however the new process solves two central problems of the pre-existing AM processes

The project team from Heraeus Amloy and Trumpf Additive Manufacturing (Image: Trumpf)

Amorphous metals to be optimised for 3D printing

28 May 2020

Technology firms Heraeus Amloy and Trumpf are collaborating on the 3D printing of amorphous metals, also known as metallic glasses

A simulation used by the researchers to help determine the impact of spatter in LPBF. (Image: LLNL)

Researchers devise strategy to reduce defects in metal 3D printing

22 May 2020

The strategy could be implemented into any metal 3D printer, and could also apply to beam-based welding or fusing technologies

Left to right: Marius van der Hoeven, managing director Bystronic Germany and Benelux; Patrick van den Berg and Martin van de Weg, former owners Weber Laserservice BV; Marco de Jong, managing director Bystronic Benelux

Bystronic invests in market with partner acquisition, assembles first cutting machine in the US

22 May 2020

Bystronic has acquired 100 per cent of service partner and second-hand laser cutting specialist, Weber Laserservice

Lantek develops collision avoidance algorithm for laser cutting

22 May 2020

The Intelligent Collision Avoidance algorithm combines several measures to avoid collisions between the cutting head and the cut pieces

Amada offers welding support for ventilator production

22 May 2020

Amada stated that it 'is ready to provide manufacturers with additional welding technology to meet these unprecedented needs'

The steering committee of the Photonics Forum. Gerhard Hein, far left; Moritz Förster, third from left

Gerhard Hein retires from VDMA laser processing group

22 May 2020

Gerhard Hein is replaced by Dr Moritz Förster, who has been working for the VDMA since January 2019

A QR-Code on perovskite (Image: Small)

Femtosecond pulses used to process perovskites at nanoscale

14 May 2020

The method promises functional light-emitting materials for solar energy, optical electronics, and metamaterials