Evosys and DIC develop welding process for PPS

16 October 2019

Evosys Laser and DIC have jointly developed a reliable process for the welding of polyphenylene sulphide, a high-performance engineering thermoplastic

Siemens and Solukon develop de-powdering solution for complex additively manufactured parts

15 October 2019

Solukon has joined forces with Siemens to develop a system for de-powdering complex laser melted metal parts

Project develops two hybrid machines addressing manufacturing and repair applications

03 October 2019

Two hybrid manufacturing machines that combine both additive and subtractive manufacturing have been developed within the ‘OpenHybrid’ project

Horizon 2020 project launches new call for SMEs looking to experiment with AM

24 September 2019

The EU project AMable aims to accelerate the uptake of AM among SMEs and mid-caps from the European Union

Researchers to optimise ceramic additive manufacturing

20 September 2019

A group of researchers are looking to optimise the laser power and scanning speeds used in the additive manufacturing of complex ceramic structures

Fraunhofer ILT announces new director

16 September 2019

Dr Constantin Häfner, a renowned laser physicist and the current programme director for advanced photon technologies at the LLNL, will be taking on the directorship in November

Sheet metal subcontractor eliminates outsourcing costs with new cutting machine

09 September 2019

Cambridge Rapid Components has recently installed the UK's second TruLaser 1030 Fiber cutting system from Trumpf

Lasers used to fabricate waterproof smart fabrics in minutes

05 September 2019

Scientists have developed a cost-efficient and scalable method of rapidly fabricating textiles embedded with energy storage devices using lasers

Laser welded ceramic assembly consisting of a transparent cylindrical cap joined to a ceramic tube. Image: Garay et al.

Ultrafast lasers used to weld ceramics without furnace

27 August 2019

Researchers at the University of California San Diego have successfully welded ceramics together using an ultrafast laser, a process that usually requires the extreme temperatures of a furnace to achieve.

Laser-etched hole to enable exceptional camera performance in new Samsung smartphone

22 August 2019

Samsung Display has developed a laser-etched hole that will be located near the top front of the flexible OLED displays of the Galaxy Note10

Brose and IPG to develop in-line weld measurement technology for manufacturing automotive seat rails

20 August 2019

Automotive supplier Brose will collaborate with IPG Photonics to develop the first direct weld measurement technology for the manufacturie of automotive seat rails

Ultrafast lasers could dramatically reduce impact of nuclear waste

13 August 2019

Ekspla and Light Conversion have developed an ultrafast laser system that they say could potentially be used to accelerate the radioactive decay of nuclear waste from tens of thousands of years to months, hours or even seconds