The NXG XII 600 from SLM Solutions features twelve 1kW lasers for increased productivity. (Image: SLM Solutions)

Rocket manufacturer orders two 12-laser AM systems

The two systems will help the rocket company make its space missions more affordable and efficient by creating lighter, faster, and more robust space components

Rails repairs must be performed in remote areas, rather than in the controlled environment of a factory. (Image: Denis Belitsky/Shutterstock)

Laser cladding technology developed for rail repair

The technology could increase the service life of rails and reduce maintenance time and costs

Electron microscopic reconstruction of a 3D nanostructure printed with the two-step absorption process (left) and light microscopy (right). (Image: University of Heidelberg/KIT)

Process to enable more compact & affordable 3D nanoprinters

The process can be performed using small, inexpensive blue laser diodes, saving the need for bulky, expensive femtosecond lasers

The Fraunhofer IWS researchers used a multi-adsorption system to investigate the adsorption behavior of competing gases to find suitable filter substances. (Image: Fraunhofer IWS)

Adaptable filtration system developed for laser processing

The technology could also be used for additive manufacturing in the future








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