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Chinese manufacturer purchases 80 flex PCB laser drilling systems

A Chinese PCB manufacturer has purchased 80 units of MKS Instruments’ ESI CapStone system, its latest flexible PCB laser drilling system, which will help the firm address 5G-related processing challenges.

The system leverages the latest high-power, high-repetition rate laser technology and new beam control capabilities to deliver higher production throughput and higher yields.

‘As flex PCB manufacturers continue to upgrade their processing capabilities to address new technologies such as 5G, the CapStone system is enabling them to take advantage of latest-generation laser technology to stay current in a very competitive market,’ said John Williams, a VP and general manager at MKS Instruments.

The new system’s high-speed laser technology and beam positioning combine to enable manufacturers to meet the challenges associated with processing an increasingly-diverse set of flex PCBs at high yields, including 5G antennas and feedlines, wireless charging circuits, displays, cameras, and many other flex applications.

It offers significant throughput gains, process flexibility, and robust deployment even at large scale, all while reducing factory footprint and time to market for flex manufacturers looking to meet their accelerating flex demand.

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