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Hyundai issues Elantra recall over improperly welded seat frames

Hyundai has recalled a small batch of its Elantra cars in North America due to some of them having improperly welded seat frames.

The recall covers 1,464 units from the 2021 model year built in Alabama between 19 October and 5 November 2020. Some of the vehicles may have been assembled with improperly welded front seat frames, which in the event of a crash would not secure occupants, increasing the risk of injury.

The blame of the issue has fallen on supplier Lear/DAS, whose 'laser output was reduced due to a damaged laser lens cover during manufacturing'.

The component manufacturer is said to have 'improved laser welding speed and implemented 100 per cent inspection of end-of-line production parts' at the end of December last year, which is said to have addressed the problem.

The recall will commence at the end of June, when customers can take their vehicles in to authorised dealers for repairs. If necessary, following an inspection of the front seats, customers will have their entire frame assembly replaced for free.

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