Jenoptik receives major order from automotive industry

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The production cells will manufacture complex car body parts for electric vehicles. (Image: Jenoptik)

Jenoptik has won a major order for three automated production cells from Gestamp, a manufacturer of metal automotive components.

Jenoptik will design, manufacture and integrate the three production cells, each of which will use laser technology. The cells will be used to help manufacture complex car body parts for electric vehicles at one of Gestamp’s plants in Germany.

Integrated automotive production lines carry out key process steps in the manufacture of vehicles with new drive technologies.

In addition to using laser cutting and welding for bodywork processing, the production technologies are also required for new applications in automotive engineering, such as processing components for e-mobility, vehicle interiors and driver assistance systems.

‘With this order, we are taking another major step in our strategic direction to establish ourselves as a supplier of integrated manufacturing solutions,’ said Martin Kuhnhen, head of Jenoptik’s Light & Production division. ‘It will enable us to strengthen our growth and diversification in the e-mobility segment, further expand our strategic partnership with Gestamp and demonstrate our competitiveness in the high-tech sector right in front of our door.’

Following the acquisition of the automation specialist Prodomax in North America in mid-2018 and successful joint developments of technical solutions together with its Laser Processing business unit, Jenoptik had already received several major orders for automated assembly lines from the North American automotive industry last year. 

Since January this year, the Spanish company Interob – also specialised in automation solutions – has been part of the Jenoptik Group. This means that Jenoptik has a direct presence in the global hotspots of the automotive industry and can now use its know-how to better serve the European market.

‘Especially against the background of current developments in the automotive industry, we are delighted to be able to help shape the transition to new drive technologies,’ said Jenoptik president & CEO Stefan Traeger. ‘We see that our strategy, which we have advanced with targeted acquisitions, is paying off.’

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