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Lantek signs collaborative agreement with HSG Laser Group

Lantek, a developer of smart manufacturing software, has signed a collaboration agreement with HSG Laser Group that will see its software integrated into HSG’s fibre laser sheet metal cutting machines.

Under the agreement, the two firms will be able to better address the opportunities and growth of the sheet metal processing sector, as well as satisfy the demands of the global market in terms of productivity and competitiveness.

'The sheet metal and fabrication industrial sector is at a critical moment and must take a step towards digitalisation,' said Alberto López de Biñaspre, CEO of Lantek. 'To ensure they are not left behind, companies need to interconnect their machines, processes and plants distributed around the world, by using technologies that allow them to meet production needs in real time, anticipate possible incidents and perform more efficient maintenance. The open, scalable and versatile nature of Lantek's software solutions makes this possible.'

The collaborative agreement will make it possible to integrate the 'Lantek Expert' CAD/CAM solution with HSG's fibre laser cutting machines, which are available in power levels up to 12kW.

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'The integration of Lantek Expert software in our laser cutting machines offers significant added value to our customers,' remarked HSG CEO Yang Liu. 'This solution makes it easier to optimise processes, shorten times and work efficiently, guaranteeing the highest quality and the shortest response times on our most powerful machines.'

Lantek currently has more than 100 cutting machine manufacturing partners worldwide.

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