Trumpf bank aids steel processing company

Trumpf Financial Services has provided funding to a steel processing company in order to buy one of Trumpf's laser systems. C. Brown & Sons was financed for a TruLaser 3040 CNC laser profiling system, which will be installed at its headquarters in Dudley, UK.

Trumpf’s bank was set up to support the production engineering community in Baden-Württemberg earlier this year. At the time, Hans-Joachim Doerr, managing director of the bank, said: ‘We understand the clients’ business and needs and can see potential behind their investment better than anyone. We can offer greater flexibility than others and, unlike alternative lenders, we only use the machine to guarantee the loan.’

C. Brown & Sons company director, Julian Adkins, commented: ‘The business is currently performing very well and we traditionally finance by balance sheet. However, due to another very large investment, we felt it more prudent this time around to finance off balance sheet. As a result we went into the finance market and made some enquiries, but found that Trumpf Financial Services was very competitive.’ C. Brown & Sons bought the TruLaser 3040 with 6kW resonator to help process 20mm and 25mm thick mild steel.

There is plenty of work for laser jobs shops in the UK, as Greg Blackman reported in an article in the Summer edition of Laser Systems Europe. This is reflected by companies such as C. Brown & Sons buying laser equipment.  

Trumpf has also sold a TruLaser 5040 CNC laser cutter featuring BrightLine technology to Eggleston Steel, a steel processing company based in Derby, UK. Eggleston Steel estimates the machine will add around £1 million to its annual turnover from profiling operations.

Eggleston Steel specialises in the supply of mild steel and bright drawn mild steel, along with aluminium and stainless steel. Eggleston’s managing director, Richard Hewitt, said: ‘We anticipate that the new Trumpf machine will add around £1 million to our annual turnover from profiling. We’ll be running it around the clock, five days a week to further improve the service and quality we offer our customers.’

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