The magnets are being developed using a one-of-a-kind 3D printer, according to the researchers. (Image: UrFU / Oksana Meleschuk)

Physicists to 3D print magnets

23 April 2021

The magnets will be useful in almost any field from medicine to space

(Lower left) A laser makes a hole in a material. (Upper left) The fluence of the laser is measured. (Lower right) Measurements of the fluence and the hole depth are superimposed. (Upper right) The relationship between these measurements is then determined so that hole depth can be calculated based solely on the fluence. (Image: Sakurai et al.)

Researchers devise low-cost process monitoring technique

19 April 2021

The method was developed using a laser microscope and a Raspberry Pi Camera

Nikon acquires AM firm Morf3D

15 April 2021

The acquisition will enable the two firms to combine their expertise in order to deliver ‘next-generation AM solutions’

The size of the AM-optimised part is 455 x 295 x 805mm. (Image: SLM Solutions)

Selective laser melting produces part for aircraft landing gear

09 April 2021

The part was redesigned for metal AM, enabling a weight reduction of 15 per cent

II-VI and Coherent already collaborate in the development of turnkey automotive welding solutions. (Image: II-VI)

II-VI wins Coherent bidding war

25 March 2021

Coherent has accepted II-VI's $7.01bn acquisition offer and will now be required to pay a $217.6 million termination fee to Lumentum

Lumentum and II-VI up Coherent bids to $7bn

23 March 2021

Coherent is currently evaluating Lumentum's latest bid

II-VI's RLSK remote laser processing heads have integrated vision systems that enable welds with exceptional precision. (Image: II-VI)

II-VI opens new applications laboratory in China

23 March 2021

The applications laboratory will provide close customer support on laser materials processing with practical hands-on training, in-depth applications consulting, and detailed feasibility studies

Lightweight materials and parts for hybrid and electric planes will be developed within the five projects. (Image: Rolls Royce)

UK Government invests £90m in aerospace manufacturing

23 March 2021

Five projects will develop technology to make production lines quicker, more efficient, and more cost-effective

3D model of a printed Audi tooling part. (Image: Audi)

Audi ramps up additive manufacturing for hot tool forming

23 March 2021

Several hundred thousand parts have already been produced using the 3D-printed tools and installed in selected models

Coherent bidding war continues with $6.8bn offer from II-VI

12 March 2021

Coherent determined that the II-VI offer is superior to the $6.6bn Lumentum offer accepted on Wednesday

The system uses laser prototyping technology to machine both tread and sidewall profiles into tyres. (Image: 4Jet)

Jenoptik teams up with 4Jet to optimise tyre prototyping

04 March 2021

The system could significantly shorten development cycles and prototyping costs in tyre production

Coating copper powder with graphene lowers its reflectivity significantly, improving its ability to be printed using lasers. (Image: Uppsala University)

Graphene used to increase printability of copper for additive manufacturing

02 March 2021

By coating copper powder with graphene, its reflectance can be reduced by 67 per cent