4x1 TrueM2-14 beam combiner

OFS, a designer, manufacturer, and supplier of fibre optic products, has introduced its 4x1 TrueM2-14 beam combiner. The TrueM2 platform enables machine manufacturers to build their own fibre laser source using a modular architecture, and to produce a customised fibre laser based on their specific requirements.

The new 4x1 TrueM2-14 combiner can be mated with up to four TrueMode-kW laser cavity modules, or other compatible modules, and is rated up to 4kW.

OFS provides both laser cavities and beam combiners thereby leaving significant laser design freedom to its customers. With the TrueM2 4kW combiner and TrueMode-kW cavity, OFS is achieving the high power levels demanded by the market.

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