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AD 2000 iQ and AD Oracle SA iQ

BOFA, the award-winning global market leader in fume extraction solutions has introduced two new ‘performers’ to its comprehensive range of  units for the laser industry, featuring  the revolutionary iQ operating system.

Available to order from January 2015, the AD 2000 iQ and AD Oracle SA iQ models are the latest BOFA products to incorporate the innovative class-leading iQ system which has received wide industry acclaim since its launch two years ago.

Both are upgrades of existing popular products but the iQ system brings multiple performance enhancements for higher efficiency of extraction, individual filter status monitoring and integral design features that combine to deliver a lower cost of ownership.   The added bonus is that the new models offer users superior features and benefits for the same competitive prices as the units they are replacing.

The iQ is a Patent-protected intelligent operating system that’s pioneering new standards in fume extraction as it gives users greater control over production continuity and efficient running costs with the provision of real time, accurate data.  The iQ’s advanced technology means that filter changes can be planned at a time to minimise or eliminate interruptions to production so business can continue as usual as well as helping to avoid any costly service call-outs.

Clever filter design is integral to BOFA’s products and delivers an extended filter life for the (more expensive HEPA) main filter that helps minimise the overall cost of ownership.  BOFA’s innovative and Patented DeepPleat filter technology is based on reverse airflow operation so more particulates are extracted early in the process, before reaching the main filter.  The  AD 2000 iQ has the DeepPleat DUO filter process which has a larger size 15 litre volume capacity ‘drop out chamber’ that further boosts the removal of particulates.

A user- friendly design is consistent across all iQ products for a more uniform look in environments where multiple units are in use.  The operating ‘easy read’ control panel is on the top of each unit on a sloping fascia front so the data is easy to view and it can also be downloaded via USB for analysis remotely .  

The AD 2000 iQ, is the most powerful in the range, with an impressive filter surface area of 60m² that’s claimed to be unmatched in the sector.  The performance delivery is augmented with the powerful vacuum and true airflow capability of 2,200 m³/hr 96mbar that gives industry-leading filter protection and longer, lower cost operating life.  It’s designed for demanding manufacturing operations where large amounts of particulate and gaseous organic compounds are generated and a high performance fume extraction is essential. 

BOFA’s most technically advanced compact laser extractor has also been enhanced with the iQ operating system.  The compact AD Oracle SA iQ has a small footprint and is a true ‘go anywhere’ global performer with the revolutionary Auto-Voltage Sensing Turbine that self-adjusts to run on any voltage worldwide.

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