AeroPULSE FS is NKT Photonics’ new range of industrial femtosecond lasers with variable pulse length. Based on the firm’s Crystal Fiber platform, the first AeroPULSE FS model offers 20µJ pulses with a user-adjustable pulse length of <500fs to 3ps and up to 20W average power - perfect for the of micromachining a large variety of materials. Developed for demanding 24/7 OEM applications, AeroPULSE FS lasers highlight unit-to-unit consistency and uptime, low cost of ownership, and ease of integration. 

This family of rugged and compact OEM lasers use mode-locking technology to deliver ultrashort femtosecond pulses with exceptional long-term stability and pulse-to-pulse stability, low noise, and excellent TEMoo mode quality. As standard, AeroPULSE FS is available with output powers up to 20W emitting at 1,030nm. Other wavelengths, including green, are available upon request.

The system configuration consists of a 19” rack-mountable control unit and a very low profile laser head that can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. The complete system can be either air-cooled for low output power performance or water-cooled for high output power performance. The system can be remotely controlled via an RS-232 interface and incorporates extensive on-board data logging of key parameters.

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