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In 2018 the Chinese customer Xinquan had already received a special laser machine of the Jenoptik-Votan A type: At that time, with that order, Jenoptik had reached the mark of 300 Votan A laser scoring systems delivered worldwide. (Image: Jenoptik)

Chinese automotive supplier orders Jenoptik laser-scoring machine for precision airbag perforation

The new Jenoptik-Votan A Scan system is currently being set up and commissioned in Jena, Germany. Delivery will take place shortly before summer.

A trade fair appearance from the early years of Aerotech.

Aerotech celebrates 50th anniversary

Aerotech, manufacturer of high-performance motion control and positioning systems, is celebrating it's 50th company anniversary this year.

Why welders & laser welding operators need to be aware of the risks of hexavalent chromium exposure

Welding and Laser Welding fumes are more dangerous than many people think. Exposure to fumes from these processes is a common source of work-related illness.

Hexavalent chromium is one of those dangerous heavy metals that exist in welding fumes. If you or your employees are exposed to welding fumes, understanding the risks of exposure to hexavalent chromium and other similar heavy metals is absolutely paramount.

Coherent creates centre of excellence for fibre lasers in Tampere, Finland

Coherent, Inc. has expanded its fiber laser operation in Tampere, Finland, and designated the facility as a “Center of Excellence for Fiber Lasers”. Fiber lasers themselves have been produced at this location since 2003. Now, in order to further streamline the production flow, Coherent will combine stand-alone fiber laser source assembly and testing at the same site with the manufacture of fiber laser components, laser engines, and combiners.








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