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New Infrared Technologies (NIT), a manufacturer of high-speed uncooled imagers sensitive to MWIR, has announced that it has started shipping the first units of CLAMIR, a control system for laser additive manufacturing process. The system was presented at Lasys 2018.

CLAMIR is a process control system for cladding and laser metal deposition processes (Additive Manufacturing) that maintains constant process conditions using continuous on-axis melt-pool geometry monitoring and measurement providing laser power closed-loop control by using a 1,000 image per second MWIR camera.

CLAMIR´s Technology, according to a 2017 paper by Fraunhofer ILT and AIMEN Technology Center, published by the Optical Society of America (OSA), provides a significant advance: 'Overall, PbSe sensor technology enables strong improvements in the accuracy and reliability of monitoring and closed-loop control of laser processing, compared to systems based on CMOS.'

'We are confident that our world-exclusive uncooled MWIR technology and plug-andplay solutions such as CLAMIR provide significant steps towards a faster production process and high-quality additive manufacturing results,' said Arturo Baldasano, CEO of NIT. 'Our clients´ experiences and Studies of the highest reputation show that CLAMIR improves accuracy, speed and reliability, key elements towards a massive adoption of NIT infrared technology by clients seeking to continue their path towards Industry 4.0'.

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