Concept Laser and Founder Frank Herzog receive multiple awards

Concept Laser has had an astounding year, with the success of the LaserCUSING 3D metal printing process giving the company an excellent position in the market. Not only that, the company has received various awards in recent months, winning the notable “International Additive Manufacturing Award 2016.” Concept Laser and founder and President & CEO, Frank Herzog, won a further five awards, and was recognised for its pioneering and innovative achievements ,as well as for Herzog’s entrepreneurial ideas and activity. The expert jury was impressed with its solutions for both products and applications.

Awards achieved:
• Best Pioneer in the Manufacturing and 3D Printing Industry 2016
• Best CEO in the Additive Manufacturing Industry
• Concept Laser one of the Focus “Growth Champions 2017
• Concept Laser wins the Bavarian Innovation Award 2016
• Materialica Design + Technology Award 2016

Frank Herzog accepted the awards as a confirmation of the pioneering work and innovations that the company has striven to achieve over 16 years in the industry of the powder-bed-based laser melting of metals. “Our drive to improve the quality and speed in additive manufacturing have helped to establish 3D metal printing as a manufacturing technology and even make it of interest for industrial series production. But the ever-rising demand and the associated dynamic growth of recent years also require constant adaptation of the company’s internal processes, a carefully considered entrepreneurial way of thinking and acting, and of course a committed workforce. We see the rapid development of recent years and the awards that have come with this as the motivation to continue to advance 3D metal printing and develop it at the very highest level.”

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