Laserworld - DS-24000RGB

The Laserworld Diode Series is a well-established laser product line in the market, which has become more and more popular. In particular, people wanting to take the step from hobbyist laser use to a semi-pro level decide to go for a pure diode system, as it contains many professional features at a low pricing level.

Due to the success of the already established DS-900RGB, DS-1800RGB and DS-3300RGB, Laserworld added the new DS-2400RGB to the product line. This product is meant for filling the gap in available power levels between the 1.8W and 3.3W systems. But it was also designed to provide a great white balanced output. The power range between 2W and 3W becomes more and more popular, as the prices for such systems heavily dropped during the past years.

With the DS-2400RGB, Laserworld completed the range of the Diode Series. It has all these features in common with the other units of the product line: The pure diode setup, the Sealed Housing, the smooth analog color modulation, the graphics capable scanners, the many operation modes (ILDA, DMX, stand alone, sound-to-light) and the good beam specifications. And of course it comes with a switchable Scan Safety.

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