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EdgeTec and PierceTec

New technologies enable manufacturers of laser cutting machines to have decisive competitive advantages. Precitec has introduced its newest groundbreaking technology packages, EdgeTec and PierceTec. These packages contain much more than simply hardware and a focus on high-quality laser cutting processes. EdgeTec allows fast cuts with smooth edges for all materials – from thin metal sheets to stainless steel thicknesses of greater than 30 mm – with a single laser cutting head. PierceTec carries out the piercing process independently, shortens cycle time, and also optimizes cut quality.

“All-In-Light” – The all-in-one package for laser cutting
Disk laser technology has been proven for many years in the industrial arena and is characterized by high performance stability, easy servicing, and low costs. Due to a strategic cooperation with the leading laser manufacturer, Precitec offers the “All-In-Light” package worldwide, which consists of a laser power source, cutting head, and process fiber in power classes from 1 to 8 kW.

This long-term cooperation enables Precitec to respond to customers’ needs and market trends for flatbed cutting machines in new and revolutionary ways. Precitec will continue to maintain its independence and cooperate closely with all laser source manufacturers to better serve all of our customers.

EdgeTec – The technology package for top-notch cutting edges
Due to the inclusion of the whole optical chain, starting from the laser source through the processing head, Precitec’s portfolio has been expanded in the past several months. Specific adjustments of the laser sources’ hard- and software, as well as extensive modifications to the market-leading cutting head, ProCutter, coupled with a new way of process control led to the EdgeTec technology package. The technology allows significant quality improvements, especially in the case of nitrogen cutting of steel and aluminum. With the help of EdgeTec, laser cutting machines can now even manage metal sheets of 30 mm and more.

As an extension to the standard ProCutter version, EdgeTec offers a larger adjustment range for the focus position. A single compact cutting head may therefore be used as an all-around solution for applications requiring high cutting speeds with brilliant edge quality in the whole sheet thickness range for steel, aluminum, and non-ferrous metals.

Activating the EdgeTec functionality leads to an automatic change of the set-up of the cutting head and laser with a negligible activation time of a few hundred milliseconds. Brilliant cuts on metal sheets with thicknesses of up to 30 mm can be achieved with minimal burr formations and roughness values of less than 100 µm. Significant improvements in the quality of cut edges have also been achieved when cutting aluminum.

EdgeTec technology offers laser cutting machine manufacturers the opportunity to equip their machines in a more competitive and flexible way - cutting thin and thick metal sheets with only one tool. Leading-edge consumers have already embraced EdgeTec technology, and will present their machines with this feature at the major Autumn trade fairs in Germany, China, and the U.S.

PierceTec – The technology package for automated piercing
A comprehensive systems solution also requires a particular focus on the piercing process. In response to this need, the technology package PierceTec enables an autonomous piercing with high speed and excellent quality.

The sensor measures and evaluates process data online and takes over the laser control. The progress of piercing is constantly monitored in a complex control process, where laser parameters are optimized in real time based on the received data. The heat-affected zone as well as piercing holes are minimized. Due to this consistently high quality, ideal requirements for the cutting process may be achieved.

The electronics serve as a link between the CNC-control and the laser. If not used, the signals of the CNC are directly passed to the laser. During the piercing process, a built-in electronic unit takes over and ensures optimal piercing. The user only needs to start the process after indicating the type of material and the thickness utilizing a simple program selection. The CNC then starts the cutting process without any delay once the piercing has been performed.

The sensor can be mounted directly onto the ProCutter or can be integrated into the All-In-Light laser. Having the sensor in the laser has several advantages: First, it is protected, as it is relocated out of the process zone and into the laser unit; second, the compact and weight-reduced structure of the ProCutter cutting head fully is maintained – and a version with a straight fiber exit may be used.

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