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Edmund Optics introduces Variable Beam Expander to reduce beam wander

Edmund Optics, a provider of optical components for laser optics applications, has released its 1,064nm 2X – 8X Gemma Variable Beam Expander.

Featuring a high LIDT and fixed housing length, these beam expanders are designed for high-power laser applications with strict spatial requirements.

To minimise beam wander, an internal translation and focusing mechanism is utilised to allow for magnification adjustments without rotating the lenses.

Their adjustable 2X-8X expansion power allows for easy prototyping to determine suitable system magnification.

Designed with Gaussian beams in mind, the 1,064nm 2X-8X Gemma Variable Beam Expander has no ghost foci and features non-rotating lenses in a Galilean configuration to provide a high degree of pointing accuracy while also maintaining a compact housing length of 158mm.

An anti-reflective coating is utilised to ensure superior transmission while withstanding high power laser pulses of up to 10 J/cm2 at 1,064nm, 10ns, 20Hz.

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