Laser Components has announced the availability of laser safety curtains made of metal panels. The curtains can be mounted to the ceiling, moved freely, and offer the protection of metal screens. The individual panels are approximately 25cm wide, are movable due to the hinges they are equipped with on both sides, and are available for delivery at any height requested.

The honeycomb-like surface structure absorbs and disperses laser radiation; the material is suitable for all standard wavelengths and certified according to DIN EN 12254.

By applying the same assembly material used in the SLC-250WB textile curtains, different configurations (L forms and U forms) can be implemented. Laser protective windows can also be integrated into the panels on an optional basis.

The protection levels of the Ever-Guard curtains correspond to those of the PT-EVG material used in metal screens, and the power density is 12MW/m².

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