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Fast-axis collimator

Limo has extended the wavelength range for its fast-axis collimator (FAC) lenses. The FAC300 microlens previously featured focal lengths between 0.29 and 1.5mm and a standard coating of 790 to 990nm. This lineup has now been joined by two new product lines for the red (600 to 700nm) and infrared (1,000 to 1,600nm) wavelength ranges. Limo can now offer customers the ability to order FAC lenses with standard coatings for a wavelength range of 600 to 1,600nm.

The expansion of the wavelength range enables the cost-effective series production of coated lenses for any type of laser application. That spectrum now ranges from the use of lasers in materials processing, medical engineering and pump applications to laser TVs and laser projectors.

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