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Foba M2000 and MarkUS version 2.11.

Foba, a manufacturer of laser marking systems and workstations, now offers a high-precision and cost-effective laser marking workstation, the Foba M2000, with an integrated vision alignment and verification system. This integrated high-speed camera system automatically detects devices and where they are positioned, enabling it to align the mark relative to the part’s location – a significant benefit for clients with a large product portfolio.

With the new autofocus feature, the user can focus the laser on almost any finished or coloured material more easily and much faster in a single click operation. The autofocus function is fully integrated into the vision system, is stable and maintenance-free.

Foba has also launched its MarkUS marking software 2.11 update, featuring the new Advanced Operator plugIn, a graphical user interface that enables quick, intuitive, secure and almost error-free operation while requiring minimum user interactions during each marking step.

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