FocusQuantum airbag laser cutting

Lectra, a manufacturer of integrated technology solutions for industries using soft materials, has launched its FocusQuantum airbag laser cutting solutions.

FocusQuantum is an airbag solution range, combining high-performance laser cutters for both one-piece woven (OPW) and flat airbags. The system operates with a purpose-built software suite and a full range of value-added professional services covering implementation, change management and support.

The FocusQuantum laser cutter offers more than twice the productivity of solutions currently on the market, according to Lectra. The system gives high precision and enhanced reliability of predictive maintenance, enabling a high level of manufacturing excellence at an optimal cost per airbag. The system optimises material reloading and the gathering of cut parts for greater efficiency.

The solution’s integrated software suite reduces errors throughout the process steps, from design through to cutting. Following the import of design software data, intelligent wizards verify geometry dimensions and scale factor before any airbag material is cut. Potential defects are detected during the data analysis phase, ensuring the integrity of each individual airbag. The FocusQuantum software suite ensures full traceability of operations.


By Dave MacLellan, Executive Director, AILU


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