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High volume production lasers

Lumentum's Corelight YLE fibre laser engines are now available in production volumes. Offered in single-module 2kW and 3kW systems and multi-module 4kW, 6kW and 9kW systems, these cost-effective and highly-configurable fiber laser systems are deployed globally supporting customers in a wide variety of challenging cutting, welding, and material deposition applications. Customers now have additional configuration options to differentiate their latest machine tool offerings. Corelight’s exceptional beam characteristics enable high-quality and high-speed cutting performance of mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and many other materials. Corelight products meet high-reliability standards critical for high-volume industrial environments.

The Lumentum 200 W fiber-coupled diode pump laser, the ST2, is also now in high-volume production. Introduced at SPIE Photonics West 2017, the ST2 recently completed a 10,000-hour reliability test ensuring endurance and power stability to withstand prolonged use in harsh manufacturing settings. In addition to the ST2, Lumentum has a full portfolio of advanced fiber-coupled devices leveraging the low-cost L4 platform.

Lastly, Lumentum’s PicoBlade 2 is also now in volume production. Its outstanding UV-reliability, a field-proven feature of Lumentum’s high-power Q-Series™ diode-pumped UV lasers, is increasingly a critical requirement for customers and their demanding applications. Also, customers that leverage Lumentum News Release PicoBlade’s other features: FlexBurst™, MegaBurst™, Sync™, and AccuTrig™ can easily control pulse format, pulse timing, and energy for faster throughput.

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