II-VI introduces HIGHmotion 2D remote processing head for electric vehicle battery laser welding

II‐VI has introduced its HIGHmotion 2D advanced remote processing head for battery laser welding.

The rapidly growing electric vehicle market is spurring the demand for advanced laser-based materials processing solutions to efficiently mass-produce car batteries. II-VI’s HIGHmotion 2D remote processing head, with a high power rating of 6 kW, achieves exceptionally high quality aluminum-on-aluminum welds required to produce reliable car batteries in volume manufacturing.

“The HIGHmotion 2D is the optimal solution for welding battery cells and battery packs,” said Dr. Robert Kuba, Managing Director, II-VI HIGHYAG. “With the HIGHmotion 2D, we once again exceed our customer expectations with a new remote processing head that features precision laser beam control, powerful software tools for automation and great serviceability built in by design.”

The HIGHmotion 2D is available with two optical system magnification variants (M=3 and M=4) and a broad set of accessories and modules to accommodate a broad range of materials processing requirements. II-VI’s state-of-the-art line of welding heads includes the BIMO (1D) and the RLSK (3D) systems. II-VI’s broad portfolio of products for laser-based materials processing includes laser cutting headslaser light cableslaser optics and direct diode laser engines.

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