Integra series of detectors

Gentec Electro-Optics has launched its meterless Integra Series, a new line of all-in-one detectors that combine a detector and a meter in one product. The meter presents a direct USB connection so it can be plugged into a PC. The PC-Gentec-EO software supplied with the product allows power measurements to be taken within seconds.

Each detector of the All-in-One Integra Series offers the same performance as the usual detector and meter combination, from picowatt to kilowatt and from femtojoule to joule. All of Gentec’s most popular detectors are available with the Integra option.

Since the electronics are miniaturised and integrated within the USB head, the detectors are adapted for embedded laboratory applications. They are also used for field service technicians that will take advantage of the integrated monitor, thus carrying fewer instruments.

One device equals one calibration. When buying an Integra product, recalibration costs are reduced by half since there are no extra fees to calibrate the integrated monitor.


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