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JenLas Femto 16

At Lasys 2016, Jenoptik presented the newest advancement of its JenLas Femto series, the JenLas Femto 16. In addition to high pulse energies, a free adjustable pulse repetition rate, and single pulse capability, the newest version has an integrated SHG option. The JenLas Femto 16 can be integrated into laser machines with ease for reliable constant operation.

An increase of output power enables users to address new fields of application, such as the machining of organic and inhomogeneous materials (e.g. genuine leather). The productivity of known applications is also increased.

The JenLas Femto series are femtosecond thin disk lasers that provide a machining quality that saves post processing steps by means of electro-polishing. The short pulse duration of about 550fs facilitates processes such as: non-thermal ablation of nearly all materials (damage- and burr-free processing of polymers, nitinol, etc.); non-linear absorption in transparent materials (efficient machining of sapphire or glass); material-selective ablation in multi-layer systems; inner marking of transparent materials; and the machining of organic, inhomogeneous materials.

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