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Jenoptik develops custom F-Theta lens for battery production

Due to the growth of e-mobility, the demand for reliable beam-shaping optics for battery production increases continuously. In cooperation with technology leaders, Jenoptik has implemented these specific requirements in a new F-theta lens for 1064-nanometer applications. High-volume manufacturers can now make use of a custom F-theta lens for battery foil cutting with high-power lasers.

The new F-theta lens is specially designed for the application of laser foil cutting for batteries with 1,064-nanometer lasers and is suitable for high-volume serial production with ultrashort-pulse lasers. When developing this solution, Jenoptik took into account the requirements of this cost-optimized market which led to a compact and competitive lens. The lens joins Jenoptik’s Silverline lens family for laser applications in the automotive supply market.

Thanks to the use of low-absorption fused silica and a robust optical coating, the F-theta lens is suitable for applications with ultrashort-pulse lasers and outputs into the kilowatt range. With a focal length of 160 millimeters and a minimum spot size of around 23 micrometers, workpieces can be processed in a scan field of up to 50 x 50 millimeters. The optimized lens design and an innovative lens mounting allow the full performance of the lens to be exploited while not having any back reflections in the lens.

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Silverline lenses are used across many sectors for applications such as ablating, drilling, welding or soldering of high-precision structures in plastics and metallic compounds. They convince with high damage threshold and guarantee high-precision and reproducible working results.

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