Koheras X15

NKT Photonics has released the Koheras Basik X15, low noise fibre laser for the fibre sensing market. The X15 has low phase noise below 1 μrad/√Hz, and a frequency noise down to <5 Hz/√Hz, combined with a narrow hertz-range linewidth performance. The laser is an industrial OEM laser module designed for 24/7 operation and it can provide 30mW output power anywhere in the 1,535-1,585nm range. 

For applications requiring more than one wavelength, the basic X15 modules can be integrated in the Acoustik multichannel racks. The Acoustik platform supplies control and power for up to 16 Basik channels and can be equipped with amplifiers and channel multiplexers. Wavelength channels can be changed or reconfigured as required.


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