Label and ink printer modules

German laser system manufacturer, Eurolaser, has expanded its product range with the addition of two new modules. Operators now have the opportunity to place adhesive labels on laser-cut parts and then print the labels individually afterwards. It is also possible to print directly on the material used.

The new label module is a labelling system that can be installed on laser machines as an option, and equipped with printed or plain labels as required. Different adhesive properties and label sizes provide a broad range of applications for this module, and parts can now be labelled for further processing. In an ideal scenario, this optimises the production process and reduces the error rate. Furthermore, logo labels or barcodes can be applied to sales items directly on the processing table. For individual labelling with different contents, this module can be easily combined with the ink printer.

The ink printer module is a print head that is installed directly next to the laser head. It allows precise printing with a resolution of up to 600dpi. In addition to label printing, it is also possible to print directly on various materials, including non-absorbent surfaces. Depending on requirements, there are special inks for different surfaces, which are quick-drying and have excellent wipe and abrasion resistance. The ink printer module is also compatible with commercially available ink cartridges.

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