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Laser 2000 to distribute Cailabs beam shaping products

The new Laser 2000 partner Cailabs brings a comprehensive expansion to the photonics expert's laser material processing portfolio. The French technology company develops, manufactures and sells photonic solutions to fully exploit the industrial potential of beam shaping. Customers from the DACH region benefit from the wide range of applications for these products.

Cailabs has made it its mission to help the photonics world, with its many application areas, reach a new level of quality. One of the manufacturer’s core product lines is the  ANUNDA beam shaping solution. Just recently they expanded their CANUNDA product line, that makes it a first choice solution. It significantly improves the quality and efficiency of ultrafast laser manufacturing processes such as laser cutting, drilling, texturing of different materials mostly. The fields of consumer electronics, implantable medical devices (IMD), watch industry, among others, benefit from this technology. Additionally, Cailabs also addresses multi kW laser applications targeting metal welding, cutting and additive manufacturing. Since many major companies of these branches are in the DACH region and they are key targets, this area has a special importance for Cailabs. To increase CANUNDA visibility, Cailabs has joined forces with Laser 2000, which will distribute the product line in Germany, Austria and German speaking Switzerland.

To best meet the individual needs of the above applications, the French manufacturer has developed various solutions. Thanks to a beam shaping platform for high-power  ontinuous lasers, both symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes are possible for metal welding and cutting. For micromachining, high-quality ultrashort laser beam shaping is available, which  significantly improves taper and efficiency, among other things. Industry standard machines benefit from the ability to electronically select different beam splitting patterns. In addition, the series includes the revolutionary CANUNDA-AXICON whose beam characteristics are far superior compared to the classic refractive design due to its reflective design making it especially suitable for glass processing.

This large product line is game changer in a fast evolving industrial environment with increasing demands.

"Major industrial players in the laser processing industries are located in Germany. Laser 2000 has been working with the world’s leading laser manufacturers for over three decades. Our new German partner has a perfect understanding of the market and we are looking forward to a great collaboration," commented Fabien Ghez, Chief Sales Officer at Cailabs.

"Cailabs' products complement our portfolio perfectly, further adding innovative value propositions for key drivers in the German material processing industries," explained Andreas Börner, CEO at Laser 2000. "Recognizing the innovation potential of Cailabs’ technology, we are proudly accelerating its availability to our partners, and look forward to a successful long-term partnership," he continued.

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