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Laser Components launches end-cap fusion splicer

Recent developments in the area of fibre laser technologies and the increased demand for high powers fibre laser components fabrication has created the need for endcaps in both active and passive fibres. Laser Components has therefore launched of a new End-Cap fusion Splicer (ECS).

One of the bottlenecks in attaching endcaps to fibres is often the necessity to purchase an all-in-one fibre station. These are typically high cap-ex items, which may not be used to the full extend if one needs only to attach endcaps to fibre ends. Similarly, typical fibre splicers are not designed with attaching endcaps in mind, hence not being appropriate to this task.

The ECS is a dedicated device and very cost effective. Its robust construction allows it to be an R&D as well as a full production machine. It was designed to produce world leading precision, repeatability and user-friendly operation while maintaining unprecedented end-cap splice quality.

The ECS benefits from:

  • 6-axis alignment stages (PentaPodTM): X, Y, Z (+/- 6mm) as well as Pitch, Yaw and Theta (+/- 6o)

  • absolute control of relative positional and angular fibre-to-endcap alignment: <0.1um positional accuracy and <0.01o angular accuracy

  • latest generation of plasma heat source (Ring of Fire) – an arc discharge unit which was improved to maintain vacuum-like splice quality in air environment

  • precision mechanical design and high contrast optics

  • proprietary software for fully automated and easy to use operation

  • detailed analysis of the splice quality through sophisticated machine vision (two orthogonal live views of splice during the splicing process)

  • pre & post splice data export for splice tracking and data analysis

Additionally, an integrated active feedback module is available for output beam steering during the splicing process.

ECS can also be used to perform bundle-to-fibre splices of various diameters.

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