Laser Quantum at Photonics West

At Photonics West booth 311, Laser Quantum is displaying an optical parametric chirped pulse amplifier (OPCPA) system. The system combines <8fs pulse duration, µJ level energy and a repetition rate of hundreds of KHz to several MHz. The Venteon OPCPA is particularly useful for: high harmonic generation and XUV spectroscopy, surface science, Coltrims, nonlinear applications and spectroscopy. 

Also being exhibited at the booth is the Taccor Comb, Laser Quantum’s newly launched 1GHz turn-key Ti:Sapphire frequency comb with exceptional supercontinuum, typically 1µW per mode, and easy access to the visible and near-infrared ranges. Alongside the comb will be: the Taccor x10, a turn-key femtosecond laser with a 10GHz repetition rate; the Venteon Ultra, an ultrashort pulse laser that can achieve <5fs pulses; and the HASSP-THz, a fully configured time-domain THz spectrometer.

Continuous wave lasers on display at the booth include the Ventus, available in wavelengths between 473–1064nm, and the Finesse, a high-powered laser with exceptional beam quality. 

Analysis and opinion

By Dave MacLellan, Executive Director, AILU


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