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Light Conversion releases new 40W carbide laser for femtosecond micromachining

The Carbide, manufactured by Light Conversion and supplied by Photonic Solutions, is a state-of-the-art industrial-grade femtosecond laser system, ideally suited to the demands of precision laser micromachining applications.

Combining 40W average power with 400µJ pulse energies and exceptional energy stability of <0.5% RMS, the Carbide maintains all the best features of its predecessor Pharos, including tunable repetition rates from single shot to 1MHz and integrated pulse picker for pulse-on-demand control, and tunable pulsewidth from <290fs to >10ps. 

The Carbide introduces a novel approach to cavity design that supports even faster warm-up times, a highly integrated laser diode and control electronics system with embedded PC control, and improved wall-plug efficiency that reduces overall cooling requirements.  Available options include certified safety shutters, enhanced pulse contrast, and integrated harmonics modules for visible, UV and DUV applications.

With proven reliability in 24/7 production environments and key applications in drilling, cutting and ablation, existing customers include major manufacturers in display, automotive, LED, and medical devices industries.

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