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MKS Instruments introduces new ultra-compact UV nanosecond laser

MKS Instruments has announced the Spectra-Physics Explorer One HP HE 355-200, a new high-energy ultraviolet (UV) laser with 3.5x the pulse energy of the current Explorer One HP line of ultra-compact actively Q-switched lasers.

With pulse energies of more than 200µJ, average power higher than 4W, and dynamic closed-loop pulse-energy controls, the new laser is ideal for structuring and ablating thin films in displays and photovoltaics, trimming of micro-resistors and capacitors, and high-contrast marking of medical devices, plastics and glass.

'The new Explorer One HP HE 355-200 laser delivers powerful capability with sophisticated controls in an ultra-compact size for precision industrial manufacturing applications,' said Jürgen Niederhofer, general manager for Spectra-Physics lasers in Europe. 'Based on the highly successful Explorer One product line, the new laser further expands MKS’ leading portfolio of lasers for micromachining.'

The Explorer One HP HE 355-200 offers >200µJ of UV pulse energy, pulse widths of <15ns, and user-adjustable repetition rates from single shot to 200kHz. The laser’s advanced E-Track active pulse-energy control features a closed-loop algorithm that enables dynamic pulse energy adjustment with various gating operations for optimal process control.

The new laser utilizes an It’s in the Box design, incorporating electronics and laser cavity into a single lightweight package for fast and straightforward integration into compact tools and desktop instruments. Based on the proven Explorer One platform, the laser is designed for demanding 24/7 applications in harsh operating conditions.

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