nLight launches 5kW Corona fibre laser

nLIGHT has introduced the Corona CFX-5000, the industry’s first commercially available, all-fibre laser with programmable beam characteristics that bring together the speed and cost advantages of traditional fibre lasers with the superior thick metal edge quality of CO2 lasers.

’Corona’s advantages in improved cutting quality, thickness range, and process window have resonated with fabricators. As such, initial adoption has exceeded our expectations,’ stated Jake Bell, general manager for industrial lasers at nLight. ‘We are excited that several integrators will be featuring nLIGHT lasers featuring Corona at upcoming European and North American trade shows.’

nLIGHT Corona lasers allow an end user to tune the size and shape of the output beam. They can choose from small diameter top-hat beams to large diameter donut-shaped beams based on the needs of their application. This beam tuning is done in real time with the laser operating at full power without any of the cost, complexity, or reliability risks inherent with free-space optics or beam combination solutions.

‘Customers have found the performance of a Corona laser with 3 to 5kW output power to be superior to that of higher power lasers with fixed beam characteristics,’ adds Bell. ‘We are committed to equipping our customers with differentiated products that further their growth and competitive advantage.’

The introduction of the Corona CFX-3000, Corona CFX-4000, and Corona CFX-5000 fibre lasers continues nLIGHT’s leadership in high power laser innovation. NLight had an interactive Corona display at EuroBLECH between 22 – 26 October in Hannover, Germany; and will have one at FABTECH on 6 – 8 November in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Learn more about Corona.


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