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Phillips Precision introduces modular, ready-made fixturing for laser processes

Phillips Precision of Boylston, Massachusetts, USA, has introduced a modular, ready-made fixturing for laser processes.

Laser marking and welding technicians can now build palletised modular fixtures that can be easily removed from the machine and then precisely reinstalled with the click of a magnet. Allowing for quick swaps between fixtures in one machine and easily move fixtures from one machine to the other with virtually no downtime! Readymade fixture plates and components save companies from the cost and time it takes to design and build their own fixtures in house. Whether a small job shop with a single piece of equipment or a large manufacturer, modular laser marking fixturing will dramatically accelerate your processes.

The new 52-piece Laser Arsenal Bundles are available with your choice of 12”, 18” or 30” docking rails to fit any size machine. Plus, multiple .5” thick aluminium fixture plates, an adapter plate, plastic V-Trays, and a pocketed tray, magnetic v-blocks, Simple-Stop rails, hole adjusters and other various standoff, clamps and hold downs are also included. Everything is designed with ¼-20 threads to accept any standard hardware and even existing fixturing, eliminating waste, and permitting the easiest adaption to leaner modular palletisation. Add to your system from a variety of fixture plates and work-holding components, specialty clamps, and vises. All components are standard and in stock and ready to ship so an order placed today can be at your door tomorrow. Inquire about custom designs.

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