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Sirius and Vegas

Spark Lasers, a start-up currently in incubation at Alphanov, wil introduce two new industrial picosecond lasers at Laser Munich.

The two first products Sirius and Vegas provide an excellent beam quality with a linear polarisation at a wavelength of 1064nm.

Vega is a fibre laser producing 100ps pulse durations with an energy exceeding 40μJ at a repetition rate up to 1MHz.

Sirius produces a pulse duration of less than 10ps with an energy per pulse reaching 100μJ. Spark products are also available in the visible at 532nm and in the ultraviolet at 355nm, still in a compact format.

These lasers were conceived in collaboration with Laboratory Charles Fabry of Institut d’Optique based on state of the art in fibre and solid-state lasers. The technology enables robust and compact lasers producing high energy picosecond pulses with one of the smallest footprint and lowest weight in the market, facilitating integration in complex systems. They are suitable for industrial applications of micromachining such as precision marking, thin-film ablation, or glass marking and cutting.

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