Twin XL

4Jet Microtech's new laser system enables large area laser patterning on glass or other flat substrates up to 3 x 2m in size.

Typical applications include: 

  • ITO and other thin-film coating removal operations (including TCOs, TFEs and more)
  • Large area glass processing, such as marking or drilling
  • New micromachining applications that require high accuracy on large surfaces

Designed for glass and other flat substrates, the high precision gantry system enables a repeat accuracy better +/- 5 micron on a 3 x 2m glass sheet and feature sizes as low as 10 micron.

Unique is 4JET´s high-speed on-the-fly patterning feature that allows to operate with up to four scanheads in parallel, interpolating stage and scanner movement for a virtually unlimited field of view.

First installations incorporate 532nm or 1064nm wavelength process heads.

Fiducial alignment, clean room ready design, a powerful CAD processor and MES interface allow for integration in production lines for displays, PV substrates, glazing and automotive glass.

Watch this video to learn more about our solutions for laser micromachining by 4JET.


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