Fianium announced and demonstrated its new WhiteLase OEM supercontinuum fibre laser at Photonics West 2015 in San Francisco. The system builds on Fianium’s 10 years’ experience manufacturing the world’s highest performance supercontinuum lasers and incorporates an ultra-compact footprint, field serviceability and unsurpassed reliability. There is no compromise in performance with up to 10W optical power and blue-enhanced spectral output.

Ross Hodder, head of sales & marketing at Fianium, commented: ‘The WL-SC OEM is the first Supercontinuum laser designed specifically for industrial integration and is suitable for demanding applications including those requiring 24/7 operation. For the first time these unique white-light laser sources are more than laboratory tools and are now a serious alternative to multiple laser sources or traditional lamp-based illumination.’

The WL-OEM produces picosecond pulses at 80MHz repetition rate, which can be varied down to 100kHz with the pulse picker option, enabling a host of new possibilities for both broadband illumination and tuneable laser applications.

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